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LPI-Japan and Educo's Privacy Policy:

Please read our privacy policy carefully, then go to the registration page if you accept it.

Japanese version is shown below.

Privacy Policy

With respect to personal information for the purpose of open source dissemination/promotion, deal with management of member information and information dissemination of various Linux, etc., through the management of the employee towards the LPI-Japan / EDUCO Member's, the non-profit organization, LPI-Japan, the name we recognize that the handling properly the information that can identify a specific individual or address, and e-mail address (hereinafter referred to as "personal information"), to protect is the social responsibility of organizations, we will engage in activities the following.

1. Purpose

With regard to the personal information you provide, it is reflected in the statistics for open source dissemination/promotion activities of the organization, as well as it is used to improve Linux Engineer Certification business services, and useful information from the organization, and will be used only for announcements, and for other legitimate purposes.

2. Collection of Personal information

In the event we collect personal information , we notice that the purpose of collection, the focal points of this organization to offer bidder, then your personal information will be collected in the required range.

3. Limited access by third party

The personal information you provide, as long as there are no special reasons, without the consent of you, it will not be disclosed or provided to any third parties other than subcontractors and other partners of the organization.

4. Proper management of Personal information

Personal information you provide will be ensured as the most recent status, and we take measures to prevent unauthorized access or leakage of personal information, loss, destruction, and falsification.

5. Compliance with Consignment contract

Personal information provided by the original consignment shall be used in accordance with the contract under the appropriate management.

6. Management of Contractors

In the event the organization consign to the outside for processing of personal information, we require the contractors as not to perform or re-offer disclosure by the contract, manage appropriately.

7. Check and Correction of Personal information

In case you would like to check and correct your personal information, we will respond as soon as possible under reasonable manner when you contact the focal points of our personal information.

8. Management system

In order to strengthen the efforts for the protection of personal information organization-wide, we establish the "Personal Information Protection Committee", and place the chief administrator for each department to deal with personal information. We also continue ongoing awareness and education for the organization staff.

9. Compliance

Upon handling personal information, we comply with the relevant laws and the regulations of the organization for the protection of personal information.

10. The continuous improvement on the activities for Privacy

With the changes in the environment surrounding the organization for the above activities, the organization commit to the improvement and continuous review of the activities.

11. Inquiry

For inquiries on the procedures with respect to your personal information, you can contact LPI-Japan (TEL: 03-3568-4482, from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays).

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